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Rules of good page layout apply to ads as well as to other types of brochures, magazines etc., the goal of most advertising is to get people to take some type of action. How elements of an ad appear on the page can help accomplish that goal.

Research indicates that readers typically look at ads in this order:

Visual: the main picture in the ad
Caption: text that describes the visual
Headline: the “slogan” of an ad, company, or product
Copy: text that describes the product or service the ad is about
Signature: the advertiser’s name and contact information

Arranging these elements in the order in which a person would read them is called the “Ogilvy,” after advertising expert David Ogilvy.

Below lists other types of advert design:

Z Layout
Single Visual Layout
Illustrated Layout
Top Heavy Layout
Upside Down Layout

“Our requirement was for high quality design and layout of our online magazine and support in creating marketing collateral, presentations, and proposals to clients. From the largest to the smallest SMK has delivered superb quality. When we need to hit a deadline at short notice SMK has been responsive with lighting fast turnaround.”
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