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The way a magazine’s design changes over its life can be a sign of the times – a reflection of trendy fonts and colours or develpments in design/illustration/photography software.

But a magazines evolution also reflects in the personal development of the designer that is producing the features/news/etc of the magazine. I started my first magazine design in the early 80’s working on the Good Food magazine. Back then it was visuals, illustration and artwork, which was cast galley’s of text pasted down onto artboard. Thank god QuarkXpress and Apple came along. I have now been producing magazines for over 30 years on the MAC using QuarkXpress and InDesign.

Along with magazine publications came adverts a life course for a magazine to stay alive. Please see my section on design and artwork for digital and printed adverts in SMK Design examples on the home page.

“The DIVER Group has utilised the services of Sean King for several years. On two occasions Sean has been selected to re-design business-to-business titles for The DIVER Group, namely International Ocean Systems and Underwater Contractor International. The brief was to re-brand and design both titles to be more striking within their respective markets with a view to the design being carried forward to the supporting website of each publication. Sean is also used for back-up to The DIVER Group’s in-house design and production department for laying out features for DIVER – Britain’s best-selling diving magazine – as well as producing one-off pieces of artwork, such as illustrations and logos. Sean has the ability and expertise to take a project from initial design through to finished product, in both print and multi-media.”
DIVER GROUP - George Lanham - Production Manager

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